Why should you buy from us?

At Style one of the things that makes us stand out from the other motorbike shops in Vietnam is not only do we only want to sell bikes in good condition but we offer a lot of services to go with the bikes that makes us stand out from other motorbike shops.

We are going to offer you the cheapest bike but we will offer you a good bike with good support along the way and we feel that this is what most people want.

24 Hour Helpline – You can contact us any time of day via telephone, facebook or whatsapp. We will be able to answer any questions for you and more importantly talk to mechanics to get past the language barrier and any problems from them trying to do unnecessary work or over charge you.

Free Service in Hanoi, Hue and HCMC – With our network of shops and partners in Hanoi, Hue and HCMC we are able to keep your bike maintained throughout your trip.

For example if you start in the north then after the northern loop you can get a free service back in Hanoi then on your way south get a service in Hue (see more details here) and in HCMC you can go and see our shop down there.

Free Driving Lessons – We only want to sell bikes to people that we believe are able to drive safely and as a lot of people have never driven before we are happy to take people somewhere quiet and teach them how to drive. This lasts as long as someone needs it to and is before anyone buys a bike. We don’t want someone to be stuck with a bike if it turns out that they can not drive.

Route Planning – We have a lot of experience with sending customers all around Vietnam and we are happy to talk to you about where you should go in the time that you have. Everyone has a different time frame for their trip and different preferences about what they want to see on the way.

You can get an idea of the routes you can do here. 

New Good Quality Accessories – We sell many different new helmets that range in quality from budget (but still safe) to high quality European standard DOT tested helmets. As well as helmets we also have a range of gloves, body protection and pollution masks.

Although most people travelling through Vietnam do not use a good condition new helmet, body protection or gloves if you were driving in Europe, America or Australia you wouldn’t get on a bike without these things so you offer all of these products.

You can see you all the products here.

Tripadvisor Reviews – These is numerous motorbikes shops throughout Vietnam but you will find only a few on Trip Advisor and you will find even less will a lot of reviews. For us Trip Advisor is a great tool to allow our new customers to read what our previous customers think about us. It also allows our new customers to trust us more.

Shortly after getting onto Trip Advisor we became No.1 within Hanoi thanks to all of our customers and we really do appreciate every review we get.

You can see the reviews here.

New Bikes – Being the only motorbike shop in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi that is authorised to sell the new Detech Wins means that we are able to sell the best Wins that you are able to buy so if you are looking for something reliable to drive through the whole of Vietnam then there really is only one choice.

You can find out more about our new bikes here.