Travel Blog

Here you will be able to find some travel blogs from our customers and friends about travelling through Vietnam on motorbike or particular cities in Vietnam.

87 days Through the Whole of Vietnam

2 Customers have documented their entire 3 month adventure in Vietnam. They brought 2 new 125cc Detech Wins from us and traveled all over Vietnam.

They have written a daily break down of each ride and city they went as well as the costs for everything they did. This is a great read if you want information about travelling Vietnam or for a particular route or city.

They give their favourite places, roads and tours plus the weird things that they saw on the way. (They also mention the worst places so that you can avoid them)

They will continue into Cambodia and Laos so you will be able to get a great breakdown of these countries as well.

Motorbiking Around Vietnam – a Backpackers Guide

Micheal Grant, one of our customers, came to Vietnam with the intention of  motorbiking around and seeing everything that the country has to offer. The only problem was that he had never driven a motorbike before.

No problems though we took him for a lesson and he learned how to ride.

In his guide, written for Mad Monkey hostel in Cambodia, he gives advice about what he experienced in Vietnam, where to go, what to see etc. He also mentions about the police, parking, oil and fuel costs as well as much more.