Semi-Automatic Motorbikes

Semi-automatic motorbikes are a good option if you have tried a manual bike and find it difficult to ride. They are not as convient for travelling compared to manual bikes but are more fun to ride over a automatic.

There are 2 types of semi-automatic bikes, copies and originals. The copies come from China and the originals are from Japan. The copies are cheaper but less reliable compared to the originals so are best used when travelling for under 3 weeks or on a tight budget. If you are living in Hanoi for a while then it is also recommended that you go for the original. They do hold their value well so when you come to reselling them you should be able to get most of your investment back.

Wave, Future, Dream and Cub – 110cc – 125cc

The main 2 semi-automatics are a Wave and Future, these are very similar bikes so it doesn’t matter between them which you choose although the Honda Future is 125cc. They are normally the same price and equally reliable and powerful. There are 2 types , copies and originals.

The copies we sell are from Detech (made in Vietnam). These bike are new or very nearly new and are registered at 49cc so that no driving license is required but are 110cc.

The original Honda semi-automatics are higher quality so the fact that they are much older isn’t a problem and have more power compared to the Detechs.

Prices – New Detech (Or nearly new) – $400 + (There is a large range of price available.)

Original – $500 – $600