Choosing the right motorbike to buy for your trip is very important and there are always a number of factors to consider. What’s your driving ability? How long are you travelling for? What is your budget?

The first one, what’s your driving ability, this will determine if you should be getting a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic bike. Don’t worry if you haven’t driven a bike before this is not a problem as we will provide you with free driving lessons and see if you can drive a manual or semi-automatic bike when you come to the shop.

The next questions, how long are you travelling and what is your budget, will determine if it is better to rent or buy and which type of manual, semi-automatic or automatic you will get. You will see these each explained on the individual sections below as well as some more information about the most common types of bikes in Vietnam.

Manual Bikes

Semi-automatic Bikes

Automatic Bikes