Manual Motorbikes

The manual motorbike that we offer is the Detech Wins. When you are travelling for a long way especially in Vietnam the manual bikes have many benefits over semi-automatic or fully automatic.

  • The fuel tank is larger and also located at the front of the bike instead of under the seat. This means you can go further on 1 tank and it is much easier when you do fill up.
  • The rear tyres are bigger with more grip when off road.
  • Having gears and a clutch gives you more control when driving through mountains.
  • If you have purchased the bike then when you come to sell it most backpackers want to buy a Win making it easier and quicker to sell so hopefully for more money.
  • If you do have a problem then they are easy to fix almost anywhere and cheap.
  • Plus they are just more fun to ride.

If you have never rode a manual bike before don’t worry. It isn’t as hard as you would think and we will take you for a free lesson to make sure that you safe before you agree to buy or rent anything.

The most common manual bike we sell and the one that we recommend for South East Asia is the Detech Win. These come in different cc and you can see more information about them here.

Detech Wins

Sometimes we do have other manual bikes to offer so you can message to see our current stock.