New Detech Motorbikes

We are very proud to be the only authorised dealer of the new Detech motorbikes in Hanoi. Detech are now the best manufacturers of the Win in Vietnam and because these bikes are new these are the best Win that you can buy and Style Motorbikes is the only place you will be able to buy a new one.

The Wins are available in 3 different models, 110cc, 125cc and 130cc.

The 125cc and 130cc bikes both come with a stronger rear suspension making them perfect for 2 people with 2 bags travelling on 1 bike. Although people do travelling on the older bikes with 2 people we don’t recommend it as the risk of breaking down is much higher.

All the new motorbikes come with a fuel tank lock, helmet lock and a steering lock, a working speedo with gear display, a larger rear tyre and a stronger headlight, none of which you will find on the older Wins, not even the working speedo.

Detech Win Sport Rim

As these bikes are all the original parts they use the power they have much more efficiently compared to the older bikes and you can really feel the difference once you are on the road.

As with all of our bikes you will get the full service we provide of a 24 hour helpline, a free service in Hanoi and in Hue with our partner, help planning a route, free driving lessons and with only the new bikes a guaranteed buy back in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh of up to 65%.

They also come with a luggage rack, bungee cords, a local helmet, an additional lock, a map, a USB charger and a phone holder.

So if you are looking for the perfect bike for your time in Vietnam then come and try one of our new Wins and feel the difference.


110cc – $650

125cc – $680

130cc – $700

Buy Back

Within 6 weeks – 70%

Within 2 months – 65%

Within 3 months – 60%


Up to 6 weeks – less between $14 per day to less than $5

The rental price depends on which bike, the time frame and where you travel. For more details please contact us.