Mask – Neo Vision – NC95 – $5

Product characteristics
NeoMask NC95 protect health against air pollution, application of foreign technologies with imported material fully.
NeoMask NC95 consists of four layers :1- high quality dust filter nonwoven; 2 – high quality dust filtering cotton; 3-Activated carbon pressed in cloth; 4 – absorbing sweat fabric layer to make the product comfortable to use.

Neomask NC95 filter
Made of activated carbon injection in nonwovens-ACC (Activated Carbon Cloth) prevent most penetration into the airways of tiny dust particles and other contaminated waste. ACC is made by high technology in the UK, used to produce gas masks in chemical warfare and microbiology.
Filter the most odors, chemicals, gasoline odor and smoke.
Protection of the respiratory system, help to minimize allergic rhinitis caused by airborne pollutants cause.
Filter ISO 9001 & EN 46001 (European Health Standards)

Can last between 1 – 3 months
Wash no more than 4 times a month


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