Mask – Neo Vision – ACF – $7

The high quality mask NeoShield protect health against air pollution, application of foreign technologies with imported material fully.
Neoshield shell is made of neoprene, a material that does not cause irritation to the skin, good elasticity to ensure the mask seal any gaps, and fit a variety of faces.

Made from activated carbon (Activated Carbon Fiber Belt – ACFB).
Prevent absolutely penetration into the respiratory of most air pollutants: Hydrocarbons (including Benzene, Piren Butadiene 1-3), Carbon Oxide (CO), Dioxide sulfur (SO2), Nitrogen Dioxide ( NO2), photochemical smoke, black smoke, aldehydes, lead oxide, pollen …
ACFB filter has achieved the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard
Achieved Standard: TNM TC04-2006/CTY
Especially with the participation of two air regulator one-way valves to help flowing the filtered air is easier.

Can replace the filter after 6 months of use.


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