New Detech 125cc Win – $680

Detech Win Sport Rim

Brand new Detech Win 125cc. This is straight out of the factory and you will be the first owner. Detech are now the best manufacturer of copy Wins and since Honda have stopped making them this means a new Detech is the best Win available to buy. These bikes are obviously in great condition and very reliable so will easily make the trip down to Ho Chi Minh problem free, we just need to make sure that you can drive properly before you go but we can do that with our free lessons.

This is the 125cc model so has more power than other Wins and with a stronger rear suspension. If you are travelling with 2 people or going round the north then this is a more suitable bike as the extra cc will be better for the extra weight from 2 people and bags and better for the many mountains around the north.

Price – $680

Buy Back

Within 6 weeks – 70%

Within 2 months 65%

Within 3 months 60%


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